Old Words and New Old Shirts

Hey, I just found this old Wavelength interview: HERE ..but mainly wanted to put the word out that Shirtkiller now has shirts of the below, and ton(ne)s of other great shit. Give 'em some love HERE. Did I say "love"? I meant "raaargh, go eat a bag of shit" or something like that.  


zack said...

hey chris, this is probably a long shot, but i was wondering if it would be at all possible for you to send me a large picture of the he-goat via email. I want it as a tattoo and the cd insert is a little to small.

thanks a lot

email: zdavis@oswego.edu

Anonymous said...

Hey man
Just stumbled cross your place here ... better late than never huh? ... ha ha ha. Anyway those Cursed shirts a post down are killer! Especially that "Dracula" number! And while I'm not opposed to giving Shirtkiller some lovin'(being a big slut an all) but as a broke slut ... the exchange rates and shipping rates kinda kill the mood ya know? So, ya know anywhere in TO. that stocks these beauties? Thanx in advance ...


Seanicus said...

Question: Is II going to be rereleased on 180g vinyl? It would be amazing if that happened. Looking forward to the Burning Love 7".

Unknown said...

Mr. Crispy Colonham:

I want you to know that your an asshole for being in all these kick ass bands throughout the years, and for putting out so many pieces of hard to find vinyl. I could have paid off all my credit cards but instead i now have almost all the vinyls from your bands. On that note need any spare $$$$ ill buy any shit you happen to have laying around!

I hope mature situations and burning love compare to your previous projects and i look forward to seeing you perform in the states again soon.

Anonymous said...


CC said...

Christian - Maybe I should do some up and give them to Hits & Misses so there's some locally. You think?

Sean - Get the package?

Zack - emailed

Ben - sorry for making you broke. That's kind of how I feel about Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass. Leave me your email here if you have any crazy shit you're after that I might have an extra of. And good news, there's a SHITLOAD of Burning Love (2 7", a 5" an LP and a split 7") and MS records (2 7") between now and the fall to keep you broke and destitute! And yes, BL will be getting to the States this summer with Coliseum, almost 50 shows, so one of them must be close to you.

Obat Kanker, if that is your real name - yes, hi.

Seanicus said...

I meant to get back to you sooner, yes I did indeed get that package. Thank you very much. When you come through with Coliseum, hopefully you'll be close enough that I'll be there. I'm a bit isolated.