From Beyond the Grave

The last Cursed 7", recorded live in the UK for radio in the midst of the final tour, is now out on High Anxiety. If you're a store/distro or individual internationally, you can order it straight from No Idea by going HERE. There are 100 black, 250 purple and 650 gray/salmon colored. (NOTE: some of these colors are sold out as of 01.11.10) And hopefully 2010 is gonna bring reissues of one or more of the LPs. Thanks all. We're all still keeping busy playing in all our other bands. Quest For Fire is moving onto their 2nd LP, on Teepee. Burning Love and Mature Situations are both cranking out shows and records (about to record an LP for Deranged), and Crux of Aux is also keeping it ital. So there's that. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

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Anthony M A said...

Just got my copy. This is truly fucking special. Thank you. I love it.
Chris, is there any way to get an Architects of Troubled Sleep shirt anywhere? Used or new? If you know of any floating around unwanted on backs of friends, I would gladly paypal a good price for one. (Reflections is out)
II re-issue? That would be awesome.
ps enjoying the Burning Love 7" and looking forward to the upcoming single. Cover looks good.

Luke said...

Just received my copy as well. And thanks for bringing up Mature Situations, that's a band I was not aware of. Have to check them out.

oatslope said...

miss u guyz too. ah well. at least we still have skitsystem!

XP said...

hi there, what about that reissue thing ? "Two" would be highly appreciated !

jaymills said...

I've been listening to Cursed III pretty much nonstop since it came out, especially "Magic Fingers." I am obsessed with that song -- so obsessed that I made a video for it last night using footage from Ken Russell's mindblowing film THE DEVILS. Hope you like it:


CC said...

Whoa! This is neat. And I fucking love The Devils. Good job dude, thanks for sharing.

Shit. said...

I just embarrassingly realized a hastily written, extremely grammatically flawed but positive review I wrote for III is on your page. You can safely change your stereokiller rating to a 100/100 from a 92 . I won't tell anyone ; )

I've got to check out all the follow up projects. There seems to be an awful lot of cursed worship going on in music this past year but none of it stacks up to the real thing.