Postcards From The Edge

Pat from Poland's Daymares, a solid dude and a solid band, just sent over these pictures from the 2005 Warsaw show - the hottest, sweatiest room on the coldest night I can remember. Taken by Aneta Kot, see the whole set HERE. Pat also did an interview in Austria this last time that we'll have up soon. Meantim, Check out Daymares. And god dammit, check out Mönster from Berlin. I wish we'd all had more time together, boys. And thanks for the pix, Pat.


A.Rosenberg said...

Yeah.. Pat is a sound guy and he did alot for polish scene and he's a great singer as well..

Miss you dude!
had a great time in Scandinavia and thanks for helpin me out while in Oslo!! Im so grateful, man!

Hope you're keepin well..
Awh, im flyin to Poland to see Tomas! This reminds me of time in Sweden and Norway.

take good care of yerself and hope to meet you some time soon!

HellhammerMario said...

Needs more 1 guy 1 jar.

Ancient Shores said...

Its november 2009 but we still feel so lucky to have seen you 3 days in a row in canada circa april 2008. it was worth the efforts and we appreciate all the help in getting to and in to the shows.
BJ/Jeff/Matt via West Virginia