Posthumous Accolades and New Old Shirts

(....and dime-sized nipples. Willem, I think it's a tie.) 

So, Cursed.

We (were) Number One! We (were) Number One!

This week we won some official music industry reward for Cursed III as loud/metal album of the year. Thank you, Hamilton and RIP Frankie Venom (Teenage Head)! It should have been Mickey De Sadist. There, I said it. 

We (were) Number Two! We (were) Number Two!

...on Exclaim's Aggressive Tendencies' Top 10 LPs of 2008. Thank you Canada! 

As you may have noticed, we are dead. But thank you all, and to Sean Palmerston for accepting the award in our absence. Also, I found some old shirt designs I didn't want to see go to waste. One of them is an LFD one intended for the '04 reunion show (the DVD of which apparently is very near completion for a spring '09 release on Deranged) and the other, a Cursed design, was used on an older European tour but the print job was botched. So you can now get either of the below designs, awesome and not botched, from our brahs at Shirtkiller:
Also, Deathwish currently has these designs: 

...& give the Doomriders - Disfear split some love while you're there. Oh yeah - and we'll know in the next week or two what the plan is for the ltd picture disc version of III and a possible gatefold 180gram reissue of II. Woot! See? Death ain't shit


Unknown said...

Oh fucking awesome, I really wan't the II finally! Your t-shirt designs are probably the best I've seen for years.

Anonymous said...

I need II on vinyl, also. Its the only thing I dont have. Do you have anymore of those big buttons with the gray goat on them? I lost mine.

Anonymous said...

Great now the whole world knows i have dime-sized nipples. Let's start a crew! Shirts are ordered and they look great. INSULT shirts are in the process of making and will be shipped to you soon. I have to keep my eyes open for the picture lp and the reissue. Any news on the Cursed live 7"??

P.s if anybody still wants a screenprint of the CURSED III record, please drop me a line at juan_perez187@hotmail.com

CC said...

Willem - it's alright, man. They're slightly bigger, more like pesos. You got me beat -hah. The 7" should be out by spring if all goes quickly. Waiting on the word from GFR on the other LP reissues.

Anon - I have a few of those. Send me your email in a comment or just your address and i'll make it happen.

feedingthefire said...

hm yeah, will order a shirt for steve for christmas, don't tell him though.
I would also love some of those pins if you got them layin' around, mine definitly is very old,and very loose, like a cougar.
Email me you guys' address so i can send a ________ ____.
Miss you

nb xo

Anonymous said...

"Anon - I have a few of those. Send me your email in a comment or just your address and i'll make it happen."

Is this still possible? I'm another former owner and would love to jump on this bandwagon.


CC said...

Blake - sorry, blanked on that. Email me again, I'm sure I have a bunch and yeah, I'll mail you a few.

N(to the motherfucking)AOMI - I hope you guys are doing good. We have a new # since we moved. Let's email and exchange new info. Big love to you and Steve. Did he get his cauliflower ear yet?

Trainwreck said...

hey Spain is waiting for Cursed...good fucking life...

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'd be stoked on one of those buttons. P-p-p-please? I'd probably even paypal for one, well, because they're just that great.


Thursday Friday said...

how do i get my hands on a shirt or 2
hit me up


CC said...

OXY - Go to the Shirtkiller link on the left or the DWI ones, they still have Cursed shirts.

Anthony M A said...

Cursed II reissue huh? That is really fuckin great! I was not wanting to go drop a bill on ebay for that.....but I was going to nonetheless, maybe i'll just wait. The live 7" sounds cool, any more detail on that?? Well good, after the demise of the greatest band.....a few remaining gems to look forward to.
Is there a way to get a back order copy of the Exclaim issue you guys were featured on out in California? I think having that and one of the peso sized buttons you speak of would be just what I need right now. My little Deathwish he-goat button got worn and weathered and turned a greenish/yellow. Damn, and they aren't selling them anymore.
...just want to say that Magic Fingers is genious, the way the lyrics/vocals go over the mood shifts is crazy, still gives me chills everytime I listen. That one and Blackout at Sunrise will always be my favorites. Hopefully one last 7" will surface. I need some serious closure from the abrupt ending. Still so bummed out. I could have gone for 10 more years of Cursed releases. I'm almost 29 and there's not much else out there that really get's under my skin and strikes a nerve the way Cursed does.

Anonymous said...

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I embrace my penticle and wish ill upon the gods.