Case Closed.

Okay, so it's a few months later, and nothing new is gonna come of this. No more resolution and no further plans. Thanks to everybody that helped us out. If you wanna keep up on what we're all up to, there's still Crux of Aux, Quest For Fire, Burning Love and High Anxiety going on. I was hoping to make photo albums of the tour, theres about 1200 pictures to go through, and when I do I'll put links up here.  GFR will still be reissuing II on vinyl and I'll be doing the BBC sessions 7" in the near future on High Anxiety. 

Good night and good luck. 


HellhammerMario said...

Pretty bummed that there will never be a final US run, but what else can be done. I'm not sure if you'll read this, man, but you said things through your music that inspired me. I'll miss your music, and it's a shame I never met you in your tenure with Cursed. Take care, and good luck with the future endeavors.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame it has ended like this, best wishes for your future endeavours!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Worst band this could've happened to, hands down.. Why not Headbanger's Balls bands?

Wish you dudes the best, looking forward to that 7" and hopes that in a few years you'll realize you made a huge mistake despite not having any money to spare in the pockets, but enough fingers pointed in your face to fill a ranch house.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of ranch houses, is there any way to get a last show out of you? Set up an online petition or something, or have it at the Bunny Ranch.

Make it happen.

Anonymous said...

Question. Is Chris Colohan (you) a part of Burning Love or any other bands at the moment? Do you work for/own the label High Anxiety? I'm trying to get my facts straight. Also, Cursed is my favourite band and I'm so disappointed at its fate. I'm sure all the great talent will make a huge impact elsewhere! Good Luck!

CC said...

Dudes - Thanks a lot. Yeah, months later, it's still a huge bummer about Cursed.The best I've ever hoped for with music, the closest I come to expectations is to connect with people and their thinking the way things did with me when I needed it most, and I'll take the mad fingers pointed and stagedives over a bag of money any day. The way it all went down, it's best that we take all the shit we did in the spring as the last blast we never knew was happening. I can't see any official show happening. Cursed was about the only thing holding the bunch of us together and without it we're already worlds away. That BBC 7" is gonna happen, this winter hopefully, I have to check into some licensing bullshit. And headgirl, yeah. I sing in Burning Love (the EP will be out soon now that it's done) and run High Anxiety.

Thanks everyone. I still have to upload those Europe pix and get to the stack of mini DV recordings from the tour to do something with.

A.S. said...

The other people that have commented it pretty much have said what I wanted to say. Your guys' music is greatly appreciated, thank you for what you've done.

Our Last Struggle Winter said...

Well, you dudes went out on a high note because III is beyond pissed. I've had a hell of a year and Architects of Troubled Sleep has made it all so much more bearable so thanks for one last fucking beast of a record before you called it quits.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

we both talked at the last Berlin show in Germany one day before everything went down the drain. You agreed writing something new (or preparing something old) for our magazine called HARVEST. You even gave me five euros just to send it you to when it´s done...well, I still owe you and I tried but never managed to get back into contact with you, though I contacted you over the e-mail you gave me.

can you still send us something?

get in contact, man.