Gil from Mi Amore sent me this bunch of pictures, from Olivier's cottage in northern Quebec during an early East Coast Canadian tour that feels like a lifetime away. Thanks dude. And here's the link to The Void video by Karol Orzechowski (everyoneisdoomed.org). I'm still working on uploading the last tour diary and all the photos from it. Anyone out there with videos or anything like this you want to share, now's the time. Burning Love is still going to record, Mike's band Quest For Fire is about to tour and keeps getting better and better, check out the link on the left. The other guys still have Crux and Dan is doing some well-deserved Takin' It 'Eassse.  He won a blanket in a raffle and went North to get it. I'm thinking of what best to do next, if anything, besides camping. Where best to spend my energies. Every time something has ever tanked like this, I've dove into the next thing. It's a good and impressive trick, and the die-hard impulse is always there, but it's also possible that everything we ever needed to do or say, we did. I think I cut the brake cable so long ago that I wouldn't know. 

The Void from karol orzechowski on Vimeo


Anonymous said...

Respect to Karol, damn she did a great job on this one!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

camping is always a good way to spend energies.
or just traveling in general.
i hope you find something.

p.s. that video is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

He's a genius!

Seriously dig it, Karol.

Unknown said...

Agh, I feel this video and song. Very well done.

Anonymous said...

CC you are a demi-god, but even they need breaks. You should go camping, like to Walden Pond or something to finish your book, then go on a book tour, and make a stop in Kingston. Whatever you decide to do, many thanks for the unbelievable amount of what you've already done.

Anonymous said...

What you need to do is get in touch with me.


Anonymous said...

i have loads of photos of us all very wasted in glasgow, where do i send them too????


CC said...

Davie! Hey buddy! I still want to send you those Rue Morgue magazines, send me your address! How's Glasgow treatin' you?

Anonymous said...