R.I.P. David Kelly

As of this week, our world is down one extremely creative and unique soul. Dave Kelly (David Nanasanakwut-Pizhew) one third of Winnipeg's noise-rock kings, the legendary Kittens, and more recently of the Distants and Echohawk, passed away this Monday at his home in Los Angeles. Our hearts go out to Pony, Jahmeel, and all Dave's past and present bandmates, his friends and of course his family.   

Goodnight Bazooka. 


Anonymous said...


play Hawaii at the Kitchener show?


Anonymous said...

shitty deal


.......1 said...

R.I.P. Dave Kelly. Bummer. Wasn't a huge Kittens fan to be honest. Peg city jammers....sad loss.

Just saw Jahmeel not too long ago. his shit got ripped off in Mtl on tour. Two things too recent. Life can really take a shit on you, man.

I figure he should have gone on that tour with you dudes. Maybe it wouldn't have weighed so heavily. he's such a wicked dude and rocks from God's balls.

Was just back in the Peg. Hangin with Schled.

Seems you guys are seriously the same dude....then i said you worshipped him. Yep..............Got to quit drinkin' again. Haha.

I like your band.

Stay heavy. Keep it steady.


Unicorn said...

Any word on what the cause was?

I was listening to Kittens a lot this week, and this checked here on Thursday night and found out. Man, that sucks.


Ryan Aircraft said...

that's a fucking bummer.

listened to "doberman" at work today... wished I could have gone to the reunion... now, even moreso.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened? This is such a tragedy...I cannot even describe the emptiness I'm feeling. Please, any information is needed.

CC said...

Information? Suicide.
Yeah, its a huge bummer. And yeah, there's all kinds of crazy details. I don't think it really matters to elaborate on them. He was havin' a lot of trouble with some life shit, like anybody, and he chose to check out. That's all anyone really needs to know. In light of this, I really hope the cd/dvd Kittens discography that I'd been talking to Dave and Pony about, actually goes through soon. Anyone that likes bands like ours really aughta school themselves on bands like Kittens.

But as for Dave, he made a choice and that's it. Let's all remember him through his jams.

Anonymous said...

I feel absolutely horrible for the Kelly family, first they lose their mother to cancer a couple of months ago, and now Dave. He was such a great guy.