Wow. So its been a week. Mike almost didnt make it after a passport discrepancy, but it wouldn't be a Cursed tour if something didn't get hopelessly fucked up right off the bat. Few days later we were all in one place, at Sam's in Amsterdam. You'll never believe how the boys spent those few days (hint: equal parts Cheeching and Chonging). Then we were joined by Tomas. We played Tillburg (Holland) first night and it was the first crack we had at the rented backline, kept having to stop but it was still good. Night of driving and straight to a 5am (aka 9am) ferry. The BBC was amazing and the people were great, we did the session in John Peel's own Studio 4. There's one to make your balls tingle. We made it to Brighton, a few hours late, met the Aussie kids that came over, and were joined by the Wraith for the whole of the UK. Short version: It's been some memorable late nights with them since then. There's so much to say already about this week's shows, too much to write standing up in a Birmingham club, there's a lot of photos and I'll try & put up a whole album somewhere and link it when there's time and a place to do it, which is tight with no days off. But it was great to see old faces and new ones in Scotland, Wales and all over England. It's a boner having to part ways with the Wraith (and Johnny's brightly coloured, erection-incompatible shorts) after London tomorrow, but somebody has to rape and/or pillage Europe, no?

*required van listening: Fun Things EP
*required van watching: Murder Party / Lost
*required van reading: Lovecraft


Anonymous said...

yo sounds like you guys are still havein fun even after all your ups and down. the leeds show was awesome i honestly have whiplash from it no bullshit i do, i was rockin out way to hard at the front and now my neck is distroyed it was well worth it thought. i was the dude that came over and tolded chris about the tattoos on my feet of the record artwork i got a few months back, it was cool meeting you and having a quick chat im honoured in a way. thanks for coming over and blowing us away

peace out


Jeremy said...

Is there an email contact for you dudes for booking? I'd love to get an early start with you dudes for West Coast dates if you plan on coming to the states this summer!

Anonymous said...

Underworld show pix:

xjustinx said...

*required tour scheduling: Portland, Oregon

CW said...

Sadly i couldnt make the uk shows prior commitments and a little thing called poverty. Still remember seeing you guys in manchester a few years back and getting totally flatened, best punk rockers out there keep hurting people!!!

Anonymous said...

I caught your show in brighton and have to say it was fucking awesome!Got to speak to Chris for a while outside,a totally nice guy!See you in Belgium.Good luck with the rest of your tour.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed playing the UK shows with you boys big time,hope all is well in Europe..Chris i'll be in touch soon,there's so much local old punk i've thought of that you've probably never heard and you'd dig..

Chris D (Wraith)

Zoran Pungerčar said...



great show in vienna, but please comeback to slovenia soon.


Everyone (Well, 99.9% of everyone) has to rape and pillage Earth and this video proves that.


Stay on groovin' safari,

Anonymous said...

lyndals photo sucking on chris's nipple is actual amazing.

Durell Smith said...

"*required van reading: Lovecraft"

yes! i couldn't agree more! being stuck in a van with four other guys that smell horrible due to zero showers sucks, but get some lovecraft going while listening to something fucked like sunn o))), and you're set.

please come to edmonton sometime in the near future, i have an urge to destroy everything.


Ryan Aircraft said...

oh fuck me i cant wait to hear that BBC shit.

glad things are rolling for you dudes again!

Anonymous said...


I observed the show in Oslo last night and it was an epic occurence. Ruled out any contemporary bullshit in seventeen directions and turned the rest of the world largely irrelevant. YES.

Thijs Hoebers said...

I saw cursed for the first time last sunday and monday (their last 2 shows) and i can punch myself the whole day for not checking them out earlier!

too bad about what happened, me and some kids who are busy doing some benefit shows in holland to get some of the money back for cursed...hopefully it helps!