Working For the Weekend

Man. So the shows are underway and tearing us up. We seriously had no idea they were all gonna be this awesome, fuck. Thanks so much to everybody that's been coming out and making long drives to these. The Toronto show was so fun. Living Darkness tore it up (I'll have their 7" at all these Cursed shows), 50WattHead absolutely ruled (we're gonna get them back here and do some more hoser-sludge-oriented shows together in the summer), and Career Suicide needless to say, was off the fucking hook. Thanks to Lee's Palace, Donny, Adam T (for the disgusting projections), Pesci for DJing and everybody who helped. The whole night totally 
exceeded our expectations. And thanks to Spencer and Eating Glass, Titan and Our Father for the rulin' house show last night. Sorry to everybody that's asking but the ltd. release show edition of the LP is totally gone. We tried to limit them to one per person to cut down on dicks immediately putting them on Ebay, but as they say, you can't stand in the way of Progress. Also, I gotta say, I was assembling/gluing/numbering them while trying to watch our merch and lost track and started numbering them all 69/85 after a point. The regular press is on the way for anybody that preordered it (thanks for your patience) and the picture disc still to come close after that. All the 1st pressing info for the NA and Euro versions of III on vinyl are in the post below. And for vinyl nerds that have been asking, go to Dead Format (link at left) for all Cursed, Swarm and LFD vinyl pressing info. 
This weekend - Hamilton show with Taken, To The Lions and Vatican Chainsaw Massacre. There's still a few tickets left, try Dr.Disc. We're gonna be audio and video taping this so get your best moonwalks ready and wear that nice sweater that your aunt got you. And on Sunday, for anyone under 19 that missed the Lee's show, we're playing at Sonic Boom records (Bathurst & Bloor, Toronto) at 5pm. The show is free but there will be a benefit for the Friends For Life bike rally for people in Toronto living with AIDS (www.bikerally.org). So donate money and you get a ltd. silkscreened poster of the show. 
Good news for Dirty American Infidels: Yes, we are. Soon. Good news for everywhere else - yes, we are too. We came home from the first weekend and farted and 8 tours came out. So we have to sort out which we're gonna do and when and then we'll announce everything far & wide that we'll be doing for the rest of 2008. 


Anonymous said...

Spencers house show ruled!


Anonymous said...

Color me fucking stoked! Come play New Jersey. It's grimey, I know.. But, who doesn't love a little grime?

andrew said...

Is there any way to get tickets for this online anywhere? I'm coming from out of town and I don't think I can make it to Hamilton before hand to get tickets.

Anonymous said...

YEAH, come to New Jersey. I made the 10 hour drive up there, return the favor. bring yer sleepin bags, ill make you brunch.

A.Rosenberg said...

i'll be flying from Ireland to Sweden and norway gigs.. will defo try to make if for Berlin and Amsterdam..

dyin to see CURSED!!!

XVX Marty

Dead Format said...

Hey dudes, I run deadformat.net.. just wanted to say thanks for putting up the link for the pressing info. If there's any info on Cursed (or related bands) that needs adding/changing feel free to lemme know!