"Volume Machismo" Year Seven

It's real!
Nothing against the leaked version (what was going around was unmastered) but the actual LP is done and sounds pretty boss. OK'd the test press the other day, SAMO did a bang-up job of the vinyl. Thanks Paul, Adam and everyone there, and Ali - as always. The official release is tomorrow (March 11) for indies and the 25th for the big bastards. As for the dates listed below, second (late) shows have been added to Ottawa and Montreal. And even more new shirts are coming in time for this weekend and this whole run of spring/summer shows. Also, hey - a bunch of people seem to be driving from different parts of the States and other provinces. If this is you and you're coming a long way, leave a comment with your names and I'll make sure there are tickets held for you at the door where there's still room. Some shows are sold out but move fast on the 2nd shows (MTL/OTTAWA) because these are primarily small venues and house shows.

Heads Up...

...Here's the final Europe/Scandinavia/UK list:
(UK dates sponsored by Rock Sound)

24-4 Tilburg/Netherlands @ 013
25-4 Brighton/UK @ The Engine Room
26-4 Newport/UK @ Le Pub
27-4 Durham (City)/UK @ Neville's Cross WMC
28-4 Glasgow/UK @ Barfly
29-4 Leeds/UK @ Brudenell Social Club
30-4 Birmingham/UK @ The Factory Club
01-5 London/UK @ The Underworld
02-5 Caen/France @ L'Excuse
03-5 Lyon/France @ Warm Audio
04-5 Milan/Italy @ The Garage
05-5 Vienna/Austria @ Arena
06-5 Prague/Czech Republic @ 007
07-5 Nurnberg/Germany @ K4/Zentralcafe
08-5 Dornbirn/Austria @ Schlachthaus
09-5 Karlsruhe/Germany @ Jubez
10-5 Meerhout/Belgium @ Groezrock Festival
11-5 Groningen/Netherlands @ Vera
12-5 Hamburg/Germany @ Hafenklang
13-5 Gothenburg/Sweden @ Sticky Fingers
14-5 Oslo/Norway @ Garage
15-5 Stockholm/Sweden @ Debaser Slussen
16-5 Malmo/Sweden @ Debaser
17-5 Berlin/Germany @ Cassiopeia
18-5 Mulheim/Germany @ AZ
19-5 Amsterdam/Netherlands @ Bitterzoet

...and the final Canadian ones (note Sarnia/NF venue change & added late shows):

03.14 Sarnia @ RCN Hall (1420 Lougar) w/Nailsplitter, CA13, Weakness, Our Father
03.15 Niagara Falls @ 4555 Queen St w/Our Father, SAW (AA)
03.16 Etobicoke @ Brickyard BBQ w/Vilipend, Titan, Strawman Fallacy ($8/AA)
03.22 Toronto @ Lee's w/Career Suicide,50WattHead, Living Darkness (19+/$8)
03.23 Burlington @Pomona House w/Our Father, SAW, Eating Glass, Titan
03.28 Hamilton @ Casbah w/Taken (Reunion Show), VCM, HP, To The Lions
03.30 Toronto @ Sonic Boom (In-Store. Free w/NP Food Donation) 5PM
04.04 Ottawa @End Hits Records w/Riot Service. $10 8PM (407 Dalhousie)
04.04 Ottawa @End Hits Records - LATE SHOW w/Vatican Chainsaw Massacre
04.05 Montreal @ The BlackDot w/Black Ships, Barnburner, Kraken. $8
04.05 Montreal @ The BlackDot - LATE SHOW w/Bionic +1
04.06 Peterborough @ Underdog w/LivingDarkness, Eating Glass, Titan (9pm)
04.11 Windsor @ Coach & Horses w/Endless Blockade, XBrainiaX (19+)
04.12 London @ Wippet Lounge w/EndlessBlockade,Nailsplitter,Black Ships,Midwives
04.13 Kitchener @ Cory's House w/Endless Blockade, Black Ships, Father's Day, VCM

New shirts. Relapse has one up there now (it's a 16th Century woodcut - who the fuck is Machine Head?), Reflections has a new exclusive one too, and our friend Brody will be making our new ones for these shows and be selling them (as well as all High Anxiety band shirts) afterwards. Link coming soon. Sean Pearson is making a video for the III intro, pretty cool so far. I'll post it here when it's done.
Exclaim Magazine has a Cursed story up right now. With the exception of the part about Donny (he's independent, not inexperienced), it's pretty thorough. So thanks Keith and The Grza. There's also a Decibel Piece by Shane from Playing Enemy, and there's Big Cheese, ChartAttack, Give Me Back, Rock Sound and a bunch of zine interviews coming out, and we're going to be doing a BBC Radio One Session on April 25, before the Brighton show. Do It To It.


Anonymous said...

Is the Lee's show sold out?!

CC said...

We decided not to make tickets for Lees, it's huge in there but the door is $8, so you should be okay if you don't get there too late.

Ancient Shores said...

my friend Jeff and i (BJ) are coming from west virginia (near PA) to the 4/11,4/12,4/13 shows. are tickets still available? how do we get them?

Anonymous said...

Cool. The 13th is a house show, it'll be slammed so just show up early. I'll tell the promoters of the other 2 so they hold you tickets at the door.


Anonymous said...

Will you have CURSED III on wax at these upcoming Toronto shows, and if so possibly also be dropping them at the prominant indie shops in Toronto?

Anonymous said...

Anyone know about hotels near lee's place? I'm driving up from new jersey and needa place to crash afterwards.

Sarajevo Rose said...

Hey Chris, I've been advised that it would be wise if I were coming from out of town to ask that you hold two tickets for me for the London, ON show on 4/12--is that a possibility?
Thanks either way.

CC said...

-The vinyl is slightly off time, it's not gonna be done for this weekend but should definitely be there for next weekend, so the Lee's Palace show and on, we should have them. CDs we'll have as of tonight.
-Hotels near Lee's? There are hostels in the city, lots of them, probably your best bet for cheapness (google Toronto Hostels, there's a recommended one on Augusta ave). As for regular motels, there's a Holiday Inn on...King Street I think, not too far by transit from the club.
-Dave, cool, I'll get you 2 tickets held for London.

Anonymous said...

Is there tickets available for the hamilton show? or is it all at the doors?

Anonymous said...

you need to get your asses to the states and play another cornfield. -andrew aircraft

Matt said...

Hey Chris, I'm going to ride up from WV with BJ and Jeff and was wondering if you get another ticket held for the 14th and 15th shows. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

What time does the show at lee's get goin?

Anonymous said...

.yeees! cant wait for your show in prague. 3 fuckin years! good luck on the road and please take care of tomas the biggest driver. ondra.

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm coming from australia to quite a few of the uk/europe shows. Do you think I'd need to get tickets held? I've got my UK tickets sorted through friends, but none for any of the europe shows. OR if they can be bought online I can do that?

xvanx said...

hey chris, unfortunately i cant make it to the MTL, but my lil sister is probably taking the bus from quebec to go to the MTL show, so if it would be possible to hold a ticket for her it would be amazing since she cant afford to spend that much on the bus and not get in haha

her name is Karolane Cantin
thanks alot

Matt said...


so am I straight for having tickets held for the 14th and 15th? Just checking cause I don't want to ride up 7 hours then get stuck outside. Thanks dude.

Anonymous said...

do you dudes know the address for the kitchener show on the 13th?

WHIPS! said...

im trying to complete my cursed collection! do you still ahve anything left i manage to get the hell comes home test need the other test and the demo cd!

thanks !!!