Headlong Into The Hive

Dear Friends in Christ:

We are about to kill off your-funeral.com. It was dying from disregard and disrepair and delinquency. So here is where you'll be able to check out whats up with Cursed and all our related projects. It is winter 2007/2008. Here's what's up:
Christian's golden paws are healing up after the double surgery, his tendons replaced with adamantium. In the down time, he grew a beard that could beat up your dad. Mike is playing in Quest For Fire. They are about to record an LP and a live cassette tape and they constantly have new shows lined up, so check their site out. Dan and Christian are still tearing shit up in Crux Of Aux. And I'm now playing in Burning Love with the boys from Our Father, and putting out some 7" records with High Anxiety. But I digress:

(2008) Now with 30% more Baizley! 
Track Listing:
  1. Architects of Troubled Sleep
  2. Night Terrors
  3. Magic Fingers
  4. Antihero Resuscitator
  5. Friends In The Music Business
  6. Into The Hive
  7. III
  8. Unnecessary Person
  9. Hegel's Bastards
  10. Dead Air at The Pulpit
  11. Gutters
Cursed III is on Goodfellow in North America, Reflections in Europe and Howling Bull in Japan. You can hear two of the songs (Magic Fingers and Into the Hive) on the Goodfellow site now. We will be resuming playing shows in the spring. An official III release show here in Toronto plus an all-ages show elsewhere in the city at the same time. We were slated to tour Canada with High On Fire in March, but they've just had to cancel it due to tour conflicts. We may still do these dates on our own, so check back for more on that. 
Then, at long frigging last, we're going back overseas for joyous reunions with Samsterdam, Tomas (the hardest working/farthest-driving Czech in show business), all our Euro bros - the squatters, ragers, classy dames and the Germanic fanzine kids that know more creepy personal shit about us than we even do and ask really weird questions like "Do you also reject The Porns?"


24-4 Tilburg @ 013
25-4 Brighton @ The Engine Room
26-4 Newport @ Le Pub
27-4 Newcastle @ TBA
28-4 Glasgow @ Barfly
29-4 Leeds @ Brudenell Social Club
30-4 Birmingham @ The Factory Club
01-5 London @ The Underworld
02-5 Paris
03-5 Lyon @ TBA
04-5 Milan @ The Garage
05-5 Vienna @ Arena
06-5 Prague @ 007
07-5 Nurnberg @ K4/Zentralcafe
08-5 Dornbirn @ Schlachthaus
09-5 TBA (Groezrock Festival, OR)
10-5 TBA (Groezrock Festival)
11-5 Groningen @ Vera
12-5 Hamburg @ Hafenklang
13-5 Gothenburg @ Sticky Fingers
14-5 Oslo @ Garage
15-5 Stockholm @ Debaser Slussen
16-5 Copenhagen @ Stengade 30
17-5 Cologne (tba)
18-5 Munster (tba)
19-5 Amsterdam @ Bitterzoet

...and by then we will all be dead so let's not get any further ahead of ourselves. Agreed?


You can get Cursed shirts, hoodies and oh yeah, records - from a few different places online. Shirtkiller has a bunch of recent and exclusive designs. Goodfellow's estore is now going to go through Relapse. Also, Deathwish carries some designs. And our crafty friend Alyssa Valdenassi has hand-made a limited number of reversible Cursed handbags. You can check them out here.


Anonymous said...

hey chris i would like to email you ragarding a zine im doing but im not sure the best way to contact you. so if you could shoot me an email i will send you the details and you can decide if its something your interested in.


Will. said...

The tone on the new stuff is incredible, and I'm wondering as to what Christian uses live and in the studio. Thanks a ton.

Colohan (TM) said...

A:check your email.

Will: State secrets. No, between Dan & Christian they uses a variety of old amps: Traynor, Sunn, Acoustic, Hiwatt, Garnet, Marhsall and the secret weapon, the Zoothorn. It's more that they know how to get those sounds out of them. Dan's a registered loud-ologist and seasoned noise scientist, between his old band Shallow ND, Cursed and Crux. Christian generally takes old $200 heads he finds in pawn shops and makes them into beasts of prey. The details are his business so I won't go there, but he's been thinking for years of MAKING amps and cabs, which would make a Hiwatt 200 look like a Smokey!

Noa said...

can't wait too see in gothenburg, sweden. too bad you're playing at sticky fingers. the stage is way too high... ask them if you can play on the floor instead. hehe. might go to the show in stockholm as well!
take care! see you out there!

...and you will know us by the trail of dead said...

how about portugal?